What exactly does a chasity mistress do?

    What exactly does a chasity mistress do?

    As the name suggests, a chastity mistress is a professional dominatrix who specializes in male chastity training. This form of BDSM involves the use of a chastity device, which prevents the wearer from engaging in any sexual activity without the mistress’s permission. In this article, we will explore the role of a chastity mistress, their methods of training, and the benefits of engaging in this form of BDSM.

    What is a Chastity Mistress?

    A chastity mistress is a dominatrix who is skilled in the art of chastity training. This involves conditioning a male sub to restrain from any sexual activity without the mistress’s permission. The chastity device is a physical barrier that prevents the wearer from experiencing sexual pleasure while still allowing them to perform daily tasks such as working, exercising, and socializing. The device is usually made of plastic or metal and is worn around the penis and testicles.

    A chastity mistress is responsible for guiding and training the sub on how to manage the device, including cleaning and maintenance. She can also provide psychological support, encouragement, and discipline to help the sub achieve his goals. The ultimate goal is for the sub to achieve a state of obedience and submission, where he becomes more attentive and devoted to his mistress’s needs and desires.

    Methods of Chastity Training

    Chastity training involves a range of techniques and methods, some of which may vary depending on the mistress’s preference and the sub’s needs. Here are some examples of common training methods:

    1. Tease and Denial – This involves arousing and teasing the sub while denying them any release. The mistress can use various stimuli to build sexual tension, such as verbal humiliation, nipple play, and spanking.

    2. Edging – This involves bringing the sub close to orgasm but stopping just before they climax. This technique builds stamina and control and helps the sub become more familiar with the sensation of orgasm control.

    3. Tasks and Assignments – The mistress can assign tasks and chores for the sub to complete while wearing the device. This helps the sub develop discipline and focus on the mistress’s needs.

    4. Cuckolding – This involves the mistress having sexual relations with other partners while the sub remains in chastity. This technique tests the sub’s devotion and can be a source of humiliation and degradation.

    Benefits of Chastity Training

    There are various benefits to engaging in chastity training, both for the sub and the mistress. For the sub, this form of BDSM can help to:

    – Develop self-control and discipline

    – Increase focus and productivity

    – Improve communication skills

    – Boost sexual satisfaction and pleasure

    For the mistress, the benefits include:

    – Enhanced power and control over the sub

    – Increased intimacy and trust

    – A sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from guiding and training the sub

    – Financial gain from charging for services


    In conclusion, a chastity mistress is a professional dominatrix who specializes in male chastity training. This form of BDSM involves the use of a chastity device to restrict the sub’s sexual activity, with the ultimate goal of achieving obedience and submission. Chastity training involves various techniques such as tease and denial, edging, tasks, and assignments, and cuckolding. The benefits of engaging in this form of BDSM include increased self-control, intimacy, trust, and satisfaction. Read Full Report

    Can working with a chasity mistress help a couple have a better sex life?

    Before diving into the topic of whether or not working with a chastity mistress can improve a couple’s sex life, it’s essential to establish what a chastity mistress is. A chastity mistress is a woman who helps men explore their fetish for chastity. Chastity is the practice of abstaining from sexual intercourse or any sexual activity. The chastity mistress might train a man to wear a chastity cage, which is a device that physically restrains his sex organ. The chastity mistress then becomes the keyholder, holding the key to the chastity cage. The submissive male partner can’t orgasm without the permission of his chastity mistress.

    The idea of having someone else control one’s sexuality can be intriguing to some people. It’s not uncommon for couples to explore BDSM and fetish play as a way of spicing up their sex life. However, some might wonder if bringing a chastity mistress into the mix could be beneficial. The short answer is yes, it’s possible. Here are some of the reasons why:

    1. Communication: Working with a chastity mistress can facilitate better communication between partners. When a man submits to wearing a chastity cage, he’s putting his trust in his partner and the chastity mistress. He’s communicating that he wants to explore this side of himself, and he’s willing to be vulnerable. This type of communication can translate to other aspects of the relationship and lead to better intimacy and trust.

    2. Sexual Tension: When one partner can’t orgasm without the permission of the other, it creates a dynamic of sexual tension. The chastity cage becomes a constant reminder of the power dynamic at play. This tension can lead to a buildup of sexual desire and energy that can translate to better and more satisfying sex when the cage is eventually removed.

    3. Experimentation: When a couple works with a chastity mistress, they’re opening themselves up to experimentation. The chastity mistress can suggest different scenarios and ways of exploring chastity play that the couple might not have considered on their own. This experimentation can lead to greater intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

    4. Anticipation: When a man is locked in a chastity cage, he’s constantly thinking about sex and release. This heightened anticipation can be exciting for both partners. The chastity mistress can play with this anticipation by teasing and denying the submissive male partner, which can lead to a more intense and satisfying release when it finally happens.

    5. Discovery: By exploring chastity play, the couple can discover new things about themselves and their relationship. They might uncover different desires, fantasies, and kinks that they didn’t know existed. This discovery can lead to a greater understanding of themselves and each other, which can translate to better sex and a stronger relationship.

    It’s important to note that not every couple will find working with a chastity mistress beneficial for their sex life. It’s a personal decision that requires open communication and trust between partners. It’s also essential to establish boundaries and ensure that all parties involved are comfortable with the scenario. BDSM and fetish play should always be safe, sane, and consensual.

    In conclusion, working with a chastity mistress can help a couple have a better sex life by improving communication, creating sexual tension, facilitating experimentation, building anticipation, and uncovering new desires. It’s not a solution for everyone, but for some couples, it can be an exciting and satisfying way to explore their sexuality and deepen their relationship.
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