What is the difference between BDSM torture and sexual assault?

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    The terms bdsm torture and sexual assault are often used interchangeably, but there is a key difference between the two that it is important to understand.

    At its core, BDSM (bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism) is a consensual activity in which two or more individuals agree to combine physical and/or psychological aspects of power and control into their sex play. Everyone involved has a right to express their desires and boundaries, and that exchange of power is based on mutual respect.

    Conversely, sexual assault is defined as any unwanted or non-consensual sexual contact and is clearly and unequivocally wrong. This includes any kind of sexual contact that is forced, coerced, or manipulatively obtained without the consent of the other person.

    It is important to remember that BDSM requires communication, consent, and negotiation prior to any activity. Consent must be discussed freely, without any pressure or intimidation, or else it is not considered truly consensual. If one of the partners does not consent, or is incapable of providing consent due to age or intoxication, then it is not BDSM. This is different from sexual assault, which occurs without anyone’s consent.

    BDSM torture can also involve inflicting intentional physical pain or psychological distress upon a partner as an element of the play. However, all activities must be consensual – meaning that both partners have agreed to what will occur safely and without coercion. This agreement must be respected both during and after the BDSM session and any activity that does not comply with the negotiated boundaries is not consensual.

    In contrast, perpetrators of sexual assault may rely on intimidation, fear, and manipulation in order to obtain non-consensual sexual contact. Their actions are often violent and intended to cause humiliation or harm.

    The key difference between BDSM torture and sexual assault then, is that the former is voluntarily and consensually experienced, while the latter is non-consensual and unwanted. As always, it’sessential that everyone involved in BDSM activities respects the boundaries of all partners at all times. View it.

    How does a bondage gag enhance pleasure and sensation?

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    When it comes to spicing up the bedroom, bondage gags are often overlooked. Despite having the potential to completely transform sex, many couples are still missing out on the intense pleasure and excitement a bondage gag can bring. When used properly, the sensation and pleasure offered by a bondage gag can be truly exhilarating.

    To understand how a bondage gag can enhance pleasure and sensation, it’s important to know how a gag works. Typically, gags are used to stop someone from speaking, usually with a ball-gag. Ball-gags come in varying sizes with the smaller, typically beginner-friendly sizes being the most popular. The gag is usually secured tightly around the head with a strap or two and then placed inside the mouth, creating a tight seal as it blocks speech.

    The psychological aspect of a bondage gag works wonders when it comes to heightening pleasure and sensation. Being gagged can create a very intimate situation, as it’s a type of consensual domination. Putting someone in this type of vulnerable and exposed state can often lead to feeling extremely aroused and increase pleasure in ways many people have never experienced before.

    Physically, a bondage gag can also heighten pleasure. The rough material of the ball-gag can feel incredible against the mouth and can create tantalizing sensations of friction. This tactile sensation can bring pleasure to the person wearing it as well as their partner. Similarly, the pressure of the ball-gag can create a strong suction sensation that can also help enhance arousal.

    Another benefit of a bondage gag is that it can open up an array of exciting BDSM activities. From domination and submission to intense role-playing, bondage gags can take playtime to the next level. Not only can they open up a world of possibilities, but they can also be used as a great way to express desire.

    When used properly, bondage gags can not only be incredibly pleasurable, but they can also build a great sense of trust and intimacy between partners, making them ideal for those looking to take their sex lives to the next level. So don’t be hesitant to give bondage gags a try – you may just find yourself experiencing a new world of pleasure.

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